Offering 288 holds on the 8x12 layout across 10 individual sets, the Decoy board offers a high density layout that gives way to limitless possibilities for route setting. On the board you will find signature series sets from within the Decoy line such as, Minimalist, Schist, and Rollies. Within these sets you will find holds that feature smooth, rock type, and dual textures, offering tons of comfortable gripping possibilities. On top of the hold density, comfort, and variety the Decoy board offers perfect mirrored symmetry for balanced training and for pinpointing weaknesses. The Decoy Board app allows you the option to build your wall at whatever fixed angle you see fit, as well as the option to install your holds on an adjustable wall.  


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8x12 Decoy board without light kit:
8x10 Decoy Board without light kit:
12x12 Decoy Board without light kit: